• Randy the Painter

Choosing the Right Paint Color

Like most people, you probably have a Pinterest board where you have saved a number of different color combinations in an effort to find the perfect colors for your design style. Warm, cool, neutral, or bold, choosing a paint color can be overwhelming as it never seems to look the same in your house as it does in the advertisements, Pinterest boards, and such. The biggest factor affecting your paint colors is your home's artificial and natural light. Depending on how the amount and angle of light on your walls, the color could even look like multiple shades in a room. Additionally, your paint's finish also affects how your color is perceived. Flat paint tends to be darker as it doesn't reflect as much light as a high gloss sheen..

How do you choose the right color for you? Begin with the manufacturer's website or app created with virtual design studios to help you choose the perfect color. Remember this will not take into account the color and light settings of your room versus a mobile device or computer, but it is a great way to try out different colors and looks. Once you have it narrowed down, I recommend you use a sample of the color in your preferred finish on different walls within your room to determine what it will look like in different light.

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