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I began painting with my father, Elmer Harvey, more than forty years ago. In addition to integrity, honesty, he taught me to take pride in my work and to pay extra attention to the details. While there are many factors to consider when choosing a painter, there is one major difference in a great paint job and a bad one. That’s the details, but it’s not just the details of the room or space. It’s in the communication between what a client desires and what he/she needs. It’s clean sharp edges and even coats, but also knowing which tools to use for different circumstances, styles, and textures. It’s understanding that paints vary in more than color, but also texture, luster, viscosity, and drying time. It’s being able manage a project, giving accurate estimates, and going above and beyond for each and every client.

Opening officially as Randy the Painter in 1980, we are a family business that began with simple teaching from a father and grew into a love of creating the perfect space for people. Today, with forty years of experience in the Knoxville area, my son and I, with a small crew, continue to provide that excellent attention to detail that is so important and so often overlooked these days.

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